Mayor Satya and #TeamCity Awardees

Today, I was delighted to join a City staff team and recognize five outstanding City employees with #TeamCity Recognition awards. This ceremony represented the first of its kind; City of Madison used a competitive citywide process and standardized criteria to select winners. All City employees were invited to nominate any other City employee, from their division or any other division.

Today’s ceremony was the first of many #TeamCity Recognition ceremonies, currently planned to be held on a bimonthly basis. Nominations will be accepted on a rolling timeline, and any nominations that were not used will be kept for future ceremonies I am proud to share information on our first award winners!

Meg Hamilton is the Public Health & Safety #TeamCity Recognition Winner for February. Meg is a Sergeant at the Madison Police Department and supervises the CORE (Community Outreach & Resource Education) Team. The mission of CORE is to enhance MPD's efforts to reduce disproportionate arrests related to racial disparities and improve trust and perception of fairness through procedural justice, community outreach, education and problem solving. She also recently posted a blog on MPD’s website and social media platforms titled “We are the 28.” This refers to the 28% of MPD sworn personnel who are female, far exceeding the national average of 12%. Sergeant Hamilton plans on publicly highlighting one female MPD Officer per month throughout 2020. “We are the 28” has resulted in a slew of positive press stories. For Sergeant Hamilton’s service on important projects, and her personal commitment to diversity and inclusion in the local justice system, she was nominated by Acting Chief of Police Vic Wahl.

June Goglio is the Public Works & Land Use #TeamCity Recognition Winner for February. June is a Parking Cashier at the Madison Parking Utility and has been with the City for 24 years. Parking cashiers collect parking fees at our City parking facilities. June is often a front line city ambassador to thousands of visitors who come to Madison every year from near and far. During her time posted at Government East ramp, June received numerous letters of commendation from customers she has assisted. Just a few examples include tracking down lost and found items, going out of her way to find customers who accidentally overpaid at the toll booth to return accurate change, and for consistently exceptional customer service. June's work ethic embodies the Performance Excellence mission to provide the highest quality service for the common good of our residents and visitors. June was nominated by just-retired Parking Revenue Supervisor Kellene Leicht.

Tameaka Bryant is the Administration #TeamCity Recognition Winner for February.Tameaka is an HR Analyst 1 at Madison Human Resources and is responsible for recruitment, strategic management partnerships, position studies, and employee engagement efforts for the agencies she primarily works with. These include Water Utility, Streets, Finance, Parks, Traffic Engineering, Library, and Fleet. She helps lead the internal HR Equity/Engagement Team, and actively works to improve HR processes. Tameaka joined Team City two years ago and brought with her a variety of new ideas and tools that she has introduced and helped champion within HR, especially related to communication. She developed the "equity stop," to welcome employees to visit the second wing of HR. Her work with Fleet particularly stands out. works hard to build a partnership with all levels of staff there, and has encouraged leadership to find new ways to meet the needs of employees through engagement activities. She also works hard to help Fleet make the High School Apprenticeship program a successful model. has quickly injected positive energy into HR and for that she was nominated by Erin Hillson and Tory Larson of HR.

Brian Jensen is the Community Service & Support #TeamCity Recognition Winner for February. Brian is a Maintenance Coordinator for Madison Public Library. Brian's current responsibilities include coordinating all aspects of the Library's facilities maintenance program. This includes project management, from inception to completion, daily work order fulfillment, construction management from pre-design to building completion and operation, being the Leadworker for all mechanical and custodial staff, working with the Facility Manager and Library Planner to plan and prioritize projects, working with the Library Accountant to best utilize City funding, and acting as an emergency contact for facility issues. Brian will fight for the best possible buildings, and will not accept substandard construction methods or materials. He understands that our buildings serve some of the City's most vulnerable and at-risk individuals. Safety, access, and comfort are inherent values to Brian. Brian has helped lead major renovations including Alicia Ashman library without a single day of closure to the public. He was also instrumental in proposing the LED lighting conversion project which will, over the next few years, retrofit all neighborhood libraries with LED lighting with major carbon reduction impacts. He was nominated by Library Facilities Manager Mark E. Benno for his years of hard work and effort.

Heidi Fischer is the Mayor’s #TeamCity Recognition Winner for February. Heidi  is a Real Estate Specialist 3 for Madison Real Estate Services and has served 27 years and has done it all when it comes to real estate. Her large portfolio includes acquisition and sale of property for City agencies; leasing City property to users; leasing private property for City users; acquisitions of property and property interests under threat of eminent domain; small cell policy development; license drafting and negotiating; public utility easement drafting and negotiating; property management, most notably the storage units formerly owned by the Sands family; title review; administrative policy assistance; and staff oversight. She has taken the lead on developing a Master License for Small Cell/5G installation requests from wireless companies. In addition to her workload, often drops what she is doing to help others, and still gets her own work done. Thoughtful and giving, she coordinates the collection of money for employee gifts during the holidays. She organizes the Second Harvest Food Drive every year in association with the annual City bowling event, which raised over $4,500 this year. Heidi is retiring on February 21, 2020 and will be missed by many in Real Estate and beyond. She was nominated separately by three different City colleagues, Jenny Frese, Lance Vest, and Dan Rolfs.

It was an honor to be part of today’s event and I look forward to the next one!

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