The City’s most immediate actions in response to the quick moving COVID-19 crisis have been to develop critical emergency operations, support our front line workers, and create responsive childcare, food, and housing systems for our community’s most vulnerable populations. We also recognize that this crisis has immediate and long-term impacts on our city’s businesses and their employees.

We are advocating at the state and federal levels in support of all workers, but especially those most impacted by this crisis – workers who earn low wages, lack benefits like sick leave, or who’s industries have been shut down to minimize transmission of COVID-19. We are also advocating in support of business, large and small, who are impacted by this pandemic. We are also partnering with the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce and other economic development organizations, on an ongoing basis to ensure up-to-date and comprehensive information and resources are communicated to members of our business community.

The Economic Development Division website features specific information for businesses on COVID-19 about best practices to keep businesses afloat during difficult financial times, in addition to listing a variety of community resources for the private sector. We recognize that the magnitude of this current crisis is unprecedented, and that the information presented on this webpage today may not provide enough help. As such, we will continue to update and improve this webpage over time, especially as more information about possible State and Federal resources become better defined.

We’re grateful to the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce and other key organizations for their partnership as we navigate this difficult new challenge together.

Finally, we wanted to relay an important message recently shared by our partners at the Chamber—tips for all members of community to be of support to local business during these difficult times:

Tip well. Tip more if you are able to do so. Service workers make much of their living on tips, and your generosity can help make up for fewer people ordering food or buying services.

Buy gift cards. Purchasing gift cards and gift certificates for yourself and others is a great way to support local businesses now while frequenting them at a later date. Some businesses will sell gift cards over the phone or through their websites, allowing you to help from home.

Seek virtual options. You can browse and order items from local businesses, including many retailers, online as an alternative to in-person shopping.

Shop for friends, family and neighbors. When shopping, consider asking those who are vulnerable or less mobile if you can purchase anything for them.

Get delivery or takeout. Call restaurants directly or use an online order and delivery service.

Stay up-to-date on COVID-19 developments by visiting the Public Health Madison & Dane County Coronavirus website and if you are an area business owner and would like to be included in future communications from our partner work with the Chamber, please send an email to to request subscription to future business communications.

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