In case you missed it, earlier this week I was part of announcing an early voting challenge across the five largest cities in the state. Mayors Cory Mason of Racine, John Antaramian of Kenosha, Tom Barrett of Milwaukee, Eric Genrich of Green Bay, and myself are competing against one another to see who can get the largest share of voters to vote early this Election season.

Early voting is one big way our five cities are promoting safe, secure, and healthy elections.

By providing options for early voting, residents can make the choice that’s best for them when creating their safe voting plan. Remember, options in Madison include dropping your absentee ballot in one of our ballot drop-boxes at local fire stations, showing up to vote or drop off your ballot at one of our many in person absentee voting locations. Residents can go to any voting location regardless of where you live. Plus you can always drop off your ballot or just turnout to vote at your polling place on Election Day Nov. 3rd between 7:00AM and 8:00PM. Keep in mind that U.S. mail is not recommended as an option at this point.

Here in Madison, we are breaking records for early voting numbers. I am excited to share that with a 54.1% turnout rate, we are currently leading the group of the five largest cities in our turnout rate.

Mayor's challenge graphic

I also want to take this challenge a step further to open the call for all municipalities in the State of Wisconsin to increase your voter turnout in advance of the November 3rd Presidential Election. Let’s make this Wisconsin’s highest Presidential turnout to date while keeping the health and safety of all residents in mind!


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