The City of Madison is joining communities across the county to celebrate National Community Development Week! Created in 1986, the goal of Community Development Week is to bring national attention to two programs: The Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) and The Home Investment Partnerships Program (HOME).

Madison is a proud partner in the CDBG and HOME programs available through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. As their name implies, CDBG and HOME funds are block grants provided by the federal government to the city to complete various community building and development projects. Madison receives about $3.4 million annually and has utilized these funds successfully for decades to leverage private dollars and complete significant improvements.

In 2022, Madison used CDBG grants to:

  • Support neighborhood centers serving more than 30,000 households annually,
  • Support more than 1,300 small businesses with technical assistance
  • Support over 70 homeowners with rehabilitation repairs
  • Support Reach Dane early childhood services purchase a new building to expand care to underserved children

Additionally, in 2022 Madison used HOME to:

  • Support development of The Ace Apartments with 84% of units being affordable
  • Support down payment assistance to 30 households
  • Address homeless by providing direct rental assistance to those facing crisis

Click here to watch the City’s Community Development Week video.

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