I always like to brag about Madison’s Green Power solar trainee program. I am proud to say the US Department of Energy thinks Madison’s Green Power is worth celebrating too.

Via Green Power, the City hires people from diverse and non-traditional trades backgrounds and teaches them how to install solar panels and work on energy efficiency projects in City facilities. This sets them up for success in the solar industry, or in other good, family-supporting jobs. Over the last few years we have doubled the size of the program and we’ve also defined career pathways into other City jobs for those who would like to grow their career in City government.

As a local solar training program, the US Department included the Green Power program in their guide, “Solar Power in Your Community,” and featured it through this video of the program during a March 3rd webinar with the Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. Kudos to the Engineering Division staff and the Green Power trainees for a great video! We are always proud to share our successes with others, particularly when they are a win-win-win for our community.

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