Types of transportation graphicAfter months of public meetings, outreach and presentations in neighborhoods across the City, the resolution regarding Complete Green Streets was recently introduced to the Madison Common Council.

The Complete Green Streets approach provides a consistent process for planning, designing, building and operating streets in a way that better reflects our community values, while increasing safety and equity. When we use the word “street,” we are referring to the sidewalks, terraces, roadways and everything in between. Safe, connected and resilient streets are critical to the quality of life, health and mobility of residents and visitors to the City of Madison. This approach will be a flexible tool that can evolve as the City evolves.

image of bikes, pedestrians, and cars

Complete Green Streets is part of a greater effort to ensure that our City streets are safer for all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and bus riders. Green space and street trees will be a priority, along with storm water management. Earlier this year the City adopted the Vision Zero Action Plan which also included many of these priorities. Many of the practices and physical changes suggested in this plan are already working to cut down on crashes.

This Complete Green Streets Guide will provide a more detailed framework for implementing its approach. Various City committees will review the project again prior to a Council vote, in early January. You can learn much more at the project website.

There will be plenty of additional opportunities for questions and discussion on this project and I am looking forward to the engagement as this moves forward.

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