Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out where my polling place is located?
Look up your polling place at Where Do I Vote?

How do I find out what will be on my ballot?
Visit My Vote Wisconsin.

What hours can I vote at my polling place?
Polling places are open on Election Day from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. All eligible voters in line at 8:00 pm get to vote.

Is my polling place accessible to voters with disabilities?
Yes, all polling places must be accessible. Both the City of Madison and the Wisconsin Elections and Ethics Commissions audit our polling places for accessibility. On election morning, City of Madison poll workers use an accessibility checklist prepared by Disability Rights Wisconsin to identify and address any barriers.

What if I am not physically able to enter my polling place or stand in line?
You may vote from the curb of your polling place. Pull up near the large "Vote Here" feather flag. You may send someone in to the polling place to notify the poll workers that you are a curbside voter. If you do not have someone to send in to the polling place, you may also call the phone number posted on the "Curbside Voter?" sign near the polling place entrance. The poll workers will check you into the poll book and announce that you will be receiving your ballot at the curb. Two poll workers will bring you a ballot, marking pen, and secrecy sleeve. Once you have marked your ballot, the two poll workers will feed your ballot into the tabulator inside the polling place, and your vote will be counted.

Is there early voting at my polling place?
Not necessarily. In-person absentee (early) voting is conducted at the City Clerk’s Office and at selected locations throughout the City of Madison. Absentee voting is also available through the mail.

What if I need help marking my ballot?
You have options!

  1. You may bring someone with you to the polling place to assist you in marking your ballot, but they cannot be your employer or your labor union representative. The person assisting you does not need to be an eligible voter. The poll workers will record the name and address of the person assisting, and the assistant will need to sign the ballot.
  2. You may use the ExpressVote, which will mark your ballot with the selections you make on a touch screen or Braille keypad. The ExpressVote offers large print and high contrast on its touch screen, has headphones, and is compatible with sip & puff devices. You will be able to double-check your selections before the ExpressVote prints your ballot. The ballot is counted by the same tabulator that counts ballots marked by pen.
  3. You may ask a poll worker to assist you in marking your ballot.

Why did my polling place change?
Polling places are changed when a facility is no longer willing to serve as a polling location, the former polling place is no longer accessible, or the population of a ward has grown so much that the polling location has become overcrowded.

Who decides where my polling place will be?
The Common Council establishes polling places through the Madison General Ordinances. The City of Madison Disability Rights Coordinator and Madison City Clerk work with your Alderperson to explore polling place options.

How are polling places chosen?
The City of Madison uses the following criteria to select polling places:

  1. Accessible to individuals with disabilities and the elderly
  2. Centrally located within ward, if possible
  3. Adequate facilities for voting and storing election equipment (voting booths and signage)
  4. No rental charge

How can our facility become a polling place?
Contact the Alderperson for your area, or contact the City Clerk’s Office.