Frequently Asked Questions

I am a student here for 8 months of the year. Where should I register?
You have the option to register in the municipality where you are a student. Alternatively, you may register in your hometown. If you have been previously registered elsewhere, you are required to list your old address in section 7 of the form, so your old registration can be canceled.

If a student leaves for the summer, where do they vote for summer elections?
Students might fall into one of these two groups:

  1. Leaving for the summer with intent to return. If they do not intend to establish residency at any place they stay until returning for school in the fall, then they may vote absentee from their school address until they have resided for 28 days at a new school address.
  2. Leaving their school address permanently with intent to make permanent residence outside of Wisconsin. They are no longer a Wisconsin resident and may not vote in Wisconsin.

I am leaving to study abroad for a year. Do I lose my right to vote?
No. If your permanent address remains in Wisconsin, you may vote according to that permanent address.

For additional questions about student residency, view the Student Residency Guide.