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If you have questions about locating, opening, or expanding your business within the City of Madison, the Office of Business Resources can help.

General Licensing

For all license applications we now require a copy of your State Seller's Permit ID certificate.

Unless otherwise specified, all licenses expire June 30.

View License and Permit Fees.

Clerk Licenses

Health Licenses

Public Health Madison Dane County Permits

  • Health Licenses
    Includes: Retail Food Establishments, Beaches, Bed & Breakfasts, Body Art Establishments, Campgrounds, Hotel/Motel/Tourist Rooming Houses, Manufactured Home Community, Recreational/Educational Camps, and Swimming Pools

Scrap & Recycling

Secondhand Dealer

Our Secondhand Dealer Ordinance requires any entity engaged in the buying or selling of certain used goods to hold an appropriate license.  Please see our FAQ for more details.

Transportation and Paratransit

Alcohol Licensing

Entertainment Licenses

Entertainment licenses are required for premises providing amplified or live entertainment regardless of capacity. For all license applications we now require a copy of your State Seller's Permit ID certificate.

Establishments: New

Establishments: Existing

Existing Establishment License Renewals

New Alcohol Servers - Apply Online

New Alcohol Servers - In Person or Mail

Existing Alcohol Servers - Renewal

  • Operator license renewals must be completed online in the Licensing & Permits portal (linked below). Current license holders should have received an e-mail with instructions on how to renew their license. License holders, who have not previously registered an account on the portal, must use the name and e-mail associated with their license to create their account; the exact name and e-mail was included in the renewal instructions.

  • City of Madison Licenses & Permits portal
    Please note you must list all pending citations, tickets, or criminal charges as well as any previous citations, municipal or ordinance violations and criminal convictions (excluding parking tickets) or your application may not pass review. Please read the entire application before you submit it for consideration.
  • Renewal Instructions

State & Federal Forms

Temporary (Picnic Beer) Licenses