Here are some questions and answers from the most recent webinar and live training sessions. Questions may be submitted to

When will the webinar be offered for the 2021 Spring Election?
The City Clerk's Office will offer a live webinar at 10 a.m. on March 23.  The webinar will also be available at the same link for replay.

Does the webinar fulfill my training requirement?
Yes, it does. Make sure you check the box indicating you watched the webinar when you complete the payroll sheet at your polling place on Election Day.

Where can I watch the webinar?
Watch the webinar online using this link. The same link can be used to watch a replay of the webinar.
Is a copy of the handout available on the website?
Yes, the handout is available here.

What is the last day to establish residency for the Spring Election?
A vote would need to move no later than March 9 to establish residency at a new address for the April 6 Spring Election.

Are we doing same day voter registration?
Yes, voters will be able to register at the polls on Election Day, with proof of address.

What if voters are talking about politics?
The Chief Inspector will ask them to refrain from talking about politics inside the polling place.

What if a voter is wearing a political T-shirt?
Generally, confronting the voter about their apparel will draw more attention than simply letting the voter cast their ballot and leave the polling place. If the voter is doing something to draw attention to their political apparel, though, the Chief Inspector will intervene.

What do we do if a voter does not want to wear a face mask?
Do your best to quickly move the voter through the voting process. You may designate a particular voting booth for them to use in order to minimize potential COVID exposure for others in the polling location.

I am a bit confused about when addresses are valid.
The voter proves their address only at the time they are registering to vote.  You compare the name and address on the voter registration form to the name and address on the voter's proof of residence document.

Wisconsin driver licenses, Wisconsin ID cards, U.S. passports, and military ID cards that expired on November 3 or earlier ar not valid as voter ID.  Correct?
With an exception for someone who is at least 60 years old with a Wisconsin driver license expiring 3/23/2020 or later. The DMV is letting them wait until May 2021 to renew.

Tell me more about the ExpressVote. Is it available at each voting site? Is the ExpressVote an option for all voters?
The ExpressVote is an accessible ballot marking device available at all polling locations and absentee voting sites in Madison. It offers a braille keypad, touchscreen, large print, high contrast, and Spanish translation. Any voter may use the ExpressVote. The device does not count any votes. It prints the voter's selections onto a ballot card that is fed into the tabulator to be counted.