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Bus Stops

Spaces designated as bus stops restrict stopping, standing or parking of vehicles. Violators may be towed if buses cannot safely load and unload passengers.

Clean Streets/Clean LakesClean Streets/Clean Lakes Image Example

Clean Streets/Clean Lakes prohibits parking for one side of a street for a four hour window of time. The parking restriction allows for street sweeping, snow plowing, and other maintenance work. This is a year-round restriction in most areas of Madison.
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Freight Loading Zones

Spaces designated as Freight Loading Zones may be used by anyone while actively engaged in loading or unloading. Total time parked shall not exceed 30 minutes.

School Zones

Drivers should pay attention to parking signs in the vicinity of schools as many school areas have additional parking restrictions. “No Parking” signs mean that student pick up and drop off are allowed as long as the driver remains in the vehicle. “No Stopping, Standing or Parking” signs mean pick up and drop off are not allowed. For a more detailed explanation of these laws see the School Zone Safety brochure.

Street Storage/Abandonment

The maximum time limit any vehicle may park on a street in an unrestricted area is 48 hours. If the vehicle is towed and not claimed immediately, the vehicle will be sold or junked.  This includes RVs, boats/trailers and other oversized vehicles.

Time Limits - Not Metered

Many Madison streets without meters still have time limits, as noted on posted parking restriction signs. After you have parked for the allotted time, you must leave the block and not park on the same block again until after 6pm when enforcement ceases. Vehicles parked longer than the posted time limit are subject to citation.  Any street with no posted restrictions, has a 48 hour limit. 

If you live in a residential area that has time-limited street parking, you can apply for a residential permit for an exemption from the time limit.

Truck Loading Zones

Spaces designated as Truck Loading Zones may only be used by vehicles with truck plates while actively engaged in loading and unloading. Total time parked shall not exceed 30 minutes.
 *Vehicles may not idle in excess of 5 minutes.      – Madison General Ordinance (12.1291 & 28.141)

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