Report a Malfunctioning Meter

Call (608) 265-1877 as soon as possible to report the meter malfunction.

  • Have the meter number.
  • Have your license plate number.
  • Note the nature of the malfunction. If using coins, what coins did you use? What happened or did not happen when you entered payment?

The meter will be checked/repaired as soon as possible.

If You Receive a Ticket

  • Verify the time on the parking receipt to the time the parking citation was issued. If you believe the citation was issued in error, follow the directions listed on the back of the citation.
  • If the meter was found to be malfunctioning, the ticket can be dismissed.
  • If it was not found to be malfunctioning, you must either pay the ticket or call (608) 266-4170 for an appointment to contest it in court.