How to Pay


1. Park Vehicle

Park in a space marked with a meter. Note the time limit of your parking space and other applicable restrictions.


2. Follow Prompts on Display at Meter or Pay-by-Cell

Follow the prompts on the meter display. Pay for your parking with Visa, MasterCard, or coins.

When using a debit or credit card, select the length of your stay using the (+) and (-) buttons, up to the maximum time limit for your space.

When paying with coins, time is added for each coin automatically, up to the maximum time limit for the space.

When using pay-by-cell, make sure that you are paying for the space you are parked at and follow the instructions. The application will alert you to the time you have paid for and the expiration time. You cannot add more time once the meter maximum limit has been reached. The meter will not always visually display the time you have paid for in the app.

If you pay for the maximum allowable time in your parking space, your transaction will automatically complete.


3. Complete Transaction at Meter

Once the time on the display matches the time you wish to park, press the green button to complete the transaction. The meter does not make change.


4. Check Your Time

The IPS meters will display the amount of time purchased and the time the meter will expire. No receipt will print. You can obtain a copy of your receipt anytime by visiting

Map of on-street pay stations and meters


Frequently Asked Questions

Do the IPS meters take credit cards?
Yes, debit cards and credit cards are accepted (Visa and MasterCard only).

Is my credit card data safe if I use it at an IPS meter?
All credit card data accessed by the machine is encrypted so that it cannot be read by anyone, including city personnel. No credit card information is stored at the meter. All transactions are approved by banks in real-time.

How do I check to see how much time is left on my parking space?
The time at which your parking will expire is located on the meter for your reference.

How do I add more time to my space?
Vehicles are not allowed to remain parked in any space beyond the time limit. Once the time limit is reached, the vehicle must be moved. Vehicles parked longer than the posted time limit are subject to citation. Note whether you have parked in a peak-hour tow-away zone. This information is displayed on the meter pole and digitally on the meter head.

Will I receive a receipt?
No, receipts do not print at the meter. Once you have purchased parking you are free to be on your way. If you would like a copy of your receipt for your records, this can be accessed any time by visiting

How does the city enforce IPS meters?
Enforcement officers will visually enforce the meter and are equipped with a hand-held device that shows which parking spaces have been purchased with the mobile app ParkSmarter. If a vehicle is parked in an expired space, a citation will be issued. All metered spaces are enforced 8:00 am – 6:00 pm, Monday – Saturday. View a list of unenforced City Holidays.

What happens if the meter does not work?
Infrequently, a meter will not accept credit or debit card payment, but will accept coin payment. Under these circumstances, you will need to pay with coins, mobile app or move to an alternate space. Report a malfunctioning meter.