The Park Smarter mobile application, available for most mobile smart devices, allows for contact-less parking payments for all of the City of Madison’s on-street meters. This 3rd party application is easy to use, allows for users to set up their own account to track parking history and request receipts sent directly to their email.  

Additional mobile pay application features:

  • Visa and MasterCard payments are accepted with no user fee to pay-by-cell.
  • The user can pay as they go and will not need to set up a “wallet” pre-payment.
  • The application facilitates payment at all of the following City of Madison meters:
    • All on-street IPS “smart” meters
    • On-street pay stations
    • Off-street IPS "smart" meters 
    • Off-street pay stations including Buckeye, Evergreen and Wingra Lots.
      • First enter the "zone" to access these spaces.
  • The app will inform you of your space numbers time limits, restrictions and cost prior to purchase.
  • You can add time to your meter, up to the maximum time limit allowed.
  • Though payment will not be visible on the meter when paying via the mobile app, nor will the LED light change to green, Parking Enforcement has the ability to look up mobile payments.
  • Receipts for all credit card transactions can be accessed at

How to use Park Smarter - video created by IPS, inc.

Frequently Asked Questions



PARK SMARTER™ by IPS Group is an innovative app that allows you to find, pay for, and extend parking time from your iOS or Android mobile device. It also lets you view and download parking receipts.

How do I register for PARK SMARTER™?

To register, simply install the PARK SMARTER™ app on your mobile device. You can find the app in the Google Play Store for Android or Apple Store for iOS. In the login screen, create an account by entering the requested information.

Can I cancel my PARK SMARTER™ account?

Can I cancel my PARK SMARTER™ account? At this time, you cannot cancel/deactivate your account. We are working to make this option available soon.
If you have further questions, please contact:


How do I check parking rates?

To check parking rates, open the PARK SMARTER™ app and select a zone. On the next screen, click “View Parking Restrictions” to check all rates for that zone on that day.

How do I know which parking space I’m paying for?

Each meter space is marked with a number and/or QR code. When using the PARK SMARTER™ app, make sure to enter the correct meter number or scan the meter QR code at the time of payment.

What if my payment won't go through?

Payment is still required for all parking when occupying a space. Please pay for your parking session at the meter or kiosk itself.  Issues with the mobile application can be reported to

Can I use the app for pay stations?

Yes. In the PARK SMARTER™ app, go to “Park”. First, select the Garage/Lot you are in and select continue, then the select the space number you are parked in, complete the remainder of the parking time selection information.  Finally, select "Start Parking", and you have completed the process.

Do I receive a receipt for my paid parking?

Yes, but you will first have to register your email in the PARK SMARTER™ “Settings” tab and set a Notification to send a receipt.

Can I view receipts for past PARK SMARTER™ parking events?

Yes. In the PARK SMARTER™ app, go to “Sessions,” then select the “Past Sessions” tab. Select the receipt and tap on the Email icon. We will send a confirmation email; please check your spam folder if you don’t see it.

Can I receive notifications when my time is about to expire, expires, etc.?

Yes. You can choose to receive any combination of the following notifications: "Parking Session Started", "Parking Session Ended" (time expired), "15-Minute Reminder" (until time expires), "10-Minute Reminder" (until time expires) , "Payment Receipt"

Can I pay for multiple parking spaces?

Yes, you can pay for multiple parking spaces at a time.

Can I extend my session beyond the “Max Time”?

No. You cannot extend your parking session beyond the allowed Max Time and must move your vehicle immediately after the parking session has expired to avoid citation and potential towing. PLEASE NOTE: Each city sets its own Max Time policies. Always read the posted signs. You can start out legally parked, but the space may convert to “No Parking” later in the day and PARK SMARTER™ will not be able to help you extend time.

Will time show up on the meter display? 

After you receive a payment confirmation from PARK SMARTER™, then your purchased time is valid for your specific parking zone or meter location—even if you don’t see it on the display. (For technical reasons, not all meters will show the purchase.)

How does enforcement know that I have paid by phone?

Parking enforcement officers will check your license plate and zone/space number to confirm that your PARK SMARTER™ payment session is valid. If you have questions or receive a ticket that you believe is in error, please contact the City Parking or Parking Enforcement departments directly.


What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, simply click “Forgot Password” in the PARK SMARTER™ app or from your desktop browser. Then, enter your registered mobile number or email address. You will receive an email with instructions to reset your password.

I paid for the wrong meter or zone or used the wrong license plate. What should I do?

Please contact the City of Madison Parking Division directly in order to provide them with all the necessary details. The PARK SMARTER™ team cannot transfer an incorrect transaction to a new location, meter, or plate.

I received a citation, but I paid with the PARK SMARTER™ app, and it showed time remaining. What should I do?

Please contact the City of Madison Parking Division directly in order to provide them with all the necessary details. The PARK SMARTER™ team cannot act on a parking citation issued by the local jurisdiction.

How do I reach the PARK SMARTER™ Support Team?

To reach the PARK SMARTER™ Support Team, please contact: If you want to make us aware of an issue, but don’t need a reply, you can use the app’s Feedback section.

Data Collection:

Why is my license plate number required?

Parking Enforcement Officers use your license plate number to verify legal metered parking. For your convenience, your plate number also verifies legal Pay-and-Display parking, so you won’t need to display a receipt on the dashboard.

Is my credit card information safe?

Yes. By law, IPS Group is required to protect your information and will not share it with third parties. All credit card information is tokenized (encrypted) and cannot be decrypted.

Does IPS Group share/sell my personal information?

No. IPS Group will never disclose your information to third parties. Protecting your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

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