Bus Stops

Board the bus at any designated stop along your route. Bus stop signs show which routes serve each stop. They also have a 4-digit I.D. number. This I.D. can be used to look up estimated bus departure times online when a schedule is not available at the stop. Also use this I.D. to verify your location when contacting Metro’s Customer Service Center.


  • Arrive 5 minutes before your bus is scheduled to be at the stop.
  • Wave to the driver so they are aware you’d like to board.
  • Please move to the back of the bus to allow others to easily board.

Destination Signs

  • A bus’s route number and destination are displayed on a sign above the windshield.
  • Watch for vias showing alternative route patterns.

Exiting the Bus

  • To signal that you’d like to get off the bus, use touch strip or pull yellow cord at least one block in advance.
  • Remain seated until bus comes to a complete stop.
  • Exit through the rear door. Wait on the sidewalk until bus has pulled away before entering the street.

Transfer Points

Many trips involve a transfer at an official transfer point or on the Capitol Square. Transfer Points are located at: