Fixed-route bus service runs during the most extreme circumstances. However, on the rare occasion that general operation becomes unsafe, certain trips may be canceled or service discontinued. Sign up to receive service alerts.

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Winter Weather Riding Tips

Keep the following in mind while traveling during winter weather:

  • Be Prepared.

    Service can be disrupted during times of severe weather. Riders are encouraged to dress warmly, carry a flashlight, fully charge their phone and be prepared for longer wait and travel times. Sign up to receive Metro service alerts, follow us on social media, and check our website often.

  • Plan Extra Time For Your Commute.

    During winter storms, buses will likely fall behind schedule. Metro recommends taking an earlier trip and planning extra time for the commute.

  • Track Your Bus.

    To limit time outside in inclement weather, track your bus before heading out and add Metro Transit's Customer Service to your phone contacts: 608-266-4466. Complete list of tracking apps and riding tools

  • Be Careful When Boarding.

    In areas covered with snow and ice, please wait near a cleared driveway or corner. For your safety, do not stand in high snow or on top of a snow bank. If your stop is in the middle of a steep hill, walk to the closest bus stop at the bottom or the top of the hill during icy conditions. Use a flashlight to signal or wave down your driver. When the bus approaches, be aware of side mirrors and wait until it comes to a complete stop before boarding.

  • Enjoy Your Ride.

    You've made it on! Hold onto hand rails and watch your step, the floors may be slippery. When approaching your stop, drivers may drop you off at an alternative, more safe location.

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