Blue paratransit service identifier sticker posted on all vehicles


Metro paratransit is a shared-ride service that uses a variety of companies and vehicles to respond to individual ride requests. Paratransit vehicles can be identified by a blue Metro Transit sticker near the entrance.

This Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) paratransit service is for individuals with disabilities who cannot use Metro’s accessible fixed-route bus service. The paratransit service area, hours, and days of service closely match fixed-route schedules.

Are you visiting Madison? Learn more about visitor eligibility.

Accessible Fixed-Route Buses

Did you know that Metro operates accessible buses on all city bus fixed routes? Accessibility features include:

  • Low floor buses with a boarding ramp that can be deployed
  • A kneeling feature that lowers the bus closer to the curb
  • Wheelchair securement locations
  • Priority seating at the front of the bus
  • Bus stop announcements that are both audible and visual

If you are able to ride Metro's fixed-route city bus service, you are encouraged to do so. Cash fare is $1.00 for those who are 65 years or older, disabled, or eligible for paratransit services. Riders must show an ADA paratransit eligibility ID card or a Metro Senior/Disabled permit card when boarding. Discounted 31-day passes and 10-ride cards are also available for purchase.

Mobility Training

Mobility Training may be right for you. Metro coordinates with Dane County Department of Human Services to offer training on how to use fixed-route buses. One program is geared to individuals with disabilities, while the other is geared to older adults who have not used transit for some time. Paratransit eligible individuals who successfully complete the training may receive a free Metro bus pass!

Other Transportation Options

Don't forget that there are other transportation options available in Dane County that may better suit your needs. One example is the Group Access Service, which provides regularly scheduled service to shopping destinations, nutrition sites, and special events. To explore your options and learn more about other community transportation resources, please contact Dane County Transportation at (608) 242-6489.