Exterior Announcements

Speakers on the outside of all Metro buses are programed to announce route numbers and destination names each time its front door is opened.

Note: Automatic announcements do not operate if the bus is following a detour.

Interior Announcements

All bus stop locations are announced in the downtown area (between Midvale Blvd. and the Yahara River, also north of Wingra Creek.) Beyond the downtown area, timepoint bus stops and stops at major intersections are also announced. Staff have attempted to program every fourth stop in this outer area with an automated announcement.

Timing of Announcements

Bus stop announcements are made as the bus is driving past a location, not as it makes its approach. This is meant to simulate the visual experience of watching a bus stop go by when looking out the window. All passengers are encouraged to either visually or audibly monitor the progress of their bus past bus stops and make a stop request after passing the stop previous to their destination.

Limited Stop Zones

In scheduled limited stop zones, announcements are made at the second to last stop before a limited stop zone - and the stop immediately after. Sample announcements are "Limited Stop Zone Ahead" and "Next Stop, Campus at Babcock".

Recommended Transfers

Staff have also programmed automatic announcements at major stops where transfers occur. Sample announcements are: "Next Stop, Transfer to Capitol Square" and "Transfer to Capitol Square".