How to Change Coverage

  1. Log In

    Go to the ETF Member Login. To log in you will need:

    • A WAMS (Web Access Management System) ID number
    • Your ETF Member ID
    • Your Social Security number

    If you don't have a WAMS ID, click Register Now. Keep track of this number, as you will need it to view/change your coverage in the future. Recover your WAMS ID if you've registered in the past but have forgotten your ID.

    Your ETF Member ID is listed on:

    • Open Enrollment memos, if you are currently enrolled in coverage
    • Navitus pharmacy benefit ID card
    • ETF Statement of Benefits

    Enter your Social Security number without dashes.

  2. View Health Summary

    After you have logged in, the myInfo page will appear.
    Click on the Health tab at the top of the screen to view your Health Insurance Enrollment summary. This will show your current and historic health insurance information.

  3. Make Changes

    Changes to coverage: Click the Edit button complete the fields that appear.
    Enrolling for coverage: Click the Add Coverage button to change your health insurance selections.

  4. Submit

    When you have completed making changes, click Submit. You will receive an email notifying you that your change is ready for review by your employer. If you do not receive an email, it is likely that you did not click Submit. If you are on a public computer, be sure to Log Off once your changes have been submitted.

    When the change has been reviewed, you will receive a second email. You can then check myETF Benefits to see if your change was approved or denied.