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The Organizational Development Division of Human Resources works with key stakeholders to increase organizational health and effectiveness. Our goal is to provide support to agencies and staff in developing a healthy, high-performing, self-renewing organization that leads and manages change. Our five full-time staff focus on:

  • Learning and DevelopmentDeveloping and delivering a series of annual courses that consistently move the organization closer to meeting long-term objectives through individual and organizational competency building. 
  • Leadership Development: Developing leaders at each level through differentiated, practical development that is responsive to the intersection of people's identities, specifically race, gender, sexuality, and disability. 
  • Performance Excellence: Providing a framework and resources to reinforce best organizational practices in change management, continuous improvement, strategic planning, and Performance Excellence. 
  • Organizational Consultation: Improving organizational effectiveness through providing agency consultation by aligning collective skills, expertise, processes, and people to meet HR and City of Madison Mission. 
We also partner with individuals and all agencies in the City. If you are unsure who to contact or have general questions, contact OrganizationalDevelopment@cityofmadison.com

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