City of Madison salaries are determined by an employee's Compensation Group and Range, and are increased with Longevity.

What's My Salary?

  1. Find your Classification Specification (class spec). Class specs are listed alphabetically by job title. Contact your supervisor or Payroll Clerk if you are not sure how your job title will be listed, or if you have trouble locating your class spec.
  2. Your Comp Group and Range are listed at the bottom of your position's class spec definition.
  3. Find your Comp Group on the list of Salary Schedules, and find your Range within the document.
  4. Your Salary Schedule will show charts of your Compensation Group's salaries on a biweekly, monthly, and annual basis.
    • You advance through Salary % (along the left side of the chart) with Longevity, or with your total duration of employment with the City. View the Longevity Pay Schedule to find your Salary % with Longevity.
    • You advance through the Comp Group Steps (along the top of the chart) with the time you have held your current position.
      1. In most positions, you will be hired at Step 1, and will receive an increase to Step 2 after six months.
      2. You will receive each additional increase on a yearly basis after the completion of your probation.
        Typically, employees take 42 months, or 3.5 years, to reach Step 5. (Six months + 12 months + 12 months + 12 months = 42 months.)
  5. ​​Your current biweekly, monthly or annual salary will be listed under your current Step and Longevity %. Contact your Payroll Clerk with any questions.

When Is My Next Salary Increase?

You may be due for a raise based on your personal longevity schedule. However, a Compensation Group as a whole may also receive a pay increase. View the Raises Summary to find out when your Compensation Group's next salary increase is scheduled.