by David Coy, Fleet Data Analyst

In the next few months, Fleet will be moving its main garage to a new location! At Fleet, we are very excited for this move as it will allow us to perform a bigger variety of repairs and improve our operations. Not to mention that it will consolidate four City operational facilities into one and include environmentally sustainable features such as solar power, a solar heating wall, CNG truck repair bays, and electric vehicle (EV) charging for the City vehicles, building employees, and also the public. We look forward to being joined by the City Radio Shop at Nakoosa Trail as well.

Although we are facing a pandemic, CD Smith Construction has been working diligently to get this project completed on time. Along with the City’s Engineering Department, they have managed to keep this project moving forward.

You can get a sneak peak of how the construction is coming along on Flickr, or go to CD Smith’s website to see live footage of the construction site.

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