By Ilknur Uludag, Fleet Data Analyst

Fleet has partnered closely with Community Work Services (CWS) Madison for 32 years and counting.  Over the years, Arlyn (20 years), Davon (8 months), Kip (3 years 6 months), Troy (8 years), Russell (11 years), Brandon (6 years), and Justin (1 year 6 months) have worked at Fleet performing important janitorial duties with valuable supervision by their CWS job coaches. Aaron, Alex, Juli, and Kris are currently the assigned job coaches working with Brandon, Russell, and Justin who are with us today. CWS stands on the fundamental belief that every individual has value, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. Executive Director, Gina Shea and Program Director, Jeri Murray prioritize empowering individuals with disabilities by providing them with the tools, resources, and support they need to participate fully in community life. Their services are geared towards helping them achieve their goals, realize their potential, and live fulfilling lives that contribute to society.The path towards achieving full inclusion for individuals with disabilities at CWS takes dedication, persistence, and a collaborative effort from all members of the team to create an inclusive environment that values diversity and fosters empathy. Finding a good job match, having ongoing support, arranging transportation, and assigning multiple jobs are some of the challenging tasks for Gina and Jeri at CWS.  They work closely with community partners including schools, employers like multiple City of Madison agencies, and other organizations.

Russell McCullough

Russell McCullough has been working at Fleet since May 2012. With two hours a day, four days a week in his work schedule, Russell has been a reliable and dedicated employee, performing cleaning, mopping, cleaning desks, sweeping, waste removal, etc. Russell takes pride in his work and enjoys what he does. He likes meeting and interacting with people at Fleet. He and his job coach talk about his work every week. One thing that Russell appreciated about his job is its flexibility. His employer is understanding when it comes to unexpected situations such as weather or sickness, which has allowed him to balance his work and personal life effectively. Russell also works part-time in a clerk position at a different company. He really enjoys bowling and goes very often outside of work.

Brandon Turner

Brandon Turner has worked at Fleet for six years. His duties are similar to Russell’s. He works five days a week for two hours each day. Another important factor in job satisfaction is the people you work with. He mentioned that he likes his coworkers in addition to the job, and he is treated well by them. Feeling supported and appreciated by one’s colleagues can create a positive work environment. Brandon also mentioned that his job coach helps him at work. It’s great to have a mentor who provides guidance and support. Brandon is a huge fan of the Chicago Bears football team and enjoys watching games in his spare time.

Justin Cain

Justin Cain is the most recent of our valued team members. Justin is a young man with a quiet and independent nature according to the Program Director Jeri, but this doesn’t stop him from being an important part of our team. He enjoys coming to work and helping out in any way he can. Justin takes pride in his work as a custodian. Justin likes to spend his time going out to eat, playing Uno, and bowling in his personal life.

All three and their job coaches also coordinate with Fleet’s full-time Building Maintenance Worker, Richard Saric closely every day.  We love working with Russell, Brandon, and Justin and also partnering with CWS. We would like to continue this strong partnership well into the future.

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