Brian Pittelli and his wife Sarah
Brian and his wife Sandy.

By Rachel Darken, Administrative Assistant

We’re always trying to improve efficiencies and save costs here at Fleet. Brian Pittelli, a Buyer 2 in the City of Madison’s Finance Department, has been essential in helping us reach these goals.

Brian said he “spends or saves the taxpayers’ dollars all day, depending on how you look at it.” He helps City agencies purchase what they need to serve our community. Brian works with City staff to draft requests for proposals, bids, and quotes, and then facilitates the entire process to select the best-qualified vendor. In addition, Brian oversees the fuel contracts for Fleet and Madison Metro. Over the last two years, he worked with Fleet on six requests for quotes for different services, ranging from tires, engine oil, and hardware to auto body and repair services. By partnering with us, Brian helped Fleet and ultimately, taxpayers save an estimated $172,000 last year on essential purchases.

Brian Pittelli and Family
Sandy, Brian, and their two children Peter and Sarah.

“I love seeing the impact of my work so close, so immediate,” Brian said. Over the last two years, he was involved in the procurement for two new parking garages that have since opened, and he is excited to see his work come to fruition physically. Brian also likes saving the City money.

City of Madison has never felt more pressure in recent memory than now to cut costs and operate creatively as our community grapples with COVID-19. Brian was involved in setting up the initial procurement process for the City to track expenses related to coronavirus response. “It was very stressful for the first month or two,” Brian recalled, “but [the procedures] are in a good place now.” He shares, however, the concern of others regarding future waves of the virus.

Brian Pittelli and Family
Brian, Sandy, Sarah, and newborn Peter.

Brian is originally from upstate New York and now lives in Sun Prairie with his wife Sandy and their two kids, Sarah, age 3 ½ and Peter, age 1 ½. He met his wife while they were both working at a summer camp in New York. Brian earned his BA at SUNY Geneseo and his MBA at SUNY Albany, and then went on to join Quad Graphics, a printing company based in the Milwaukee area. After five years there, he took the job with the City in 2014 when his wife got a job in Madison.

Brian and his family enjoy hiking trails around the city, spending time at Devil’s Lake, swimming at the PAC, and experiencing new things. On the side, he runs his own travel agency, sharing his passion for travel with others. One of his favorite destinations is the Riviera Maya in Mexico, and Brian looks forward to the day when he can book his next relaxing trip after all of this. In our opinion, he’s earned it.

Brian and family on a hike
Brian and his family on a hike.
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