Learning and Development for Supervisors

Courses and Events

Supervisor Orientation

Watch the Supervisor Orientation Video found on the EmployeeNet for resources and support that are available to City of Madison Managers and Supervisors. 

The Supervisory Collective

A community for supervisors, by supervisors.

Mandatory Supervisor Courses

A list of courses that are required for all supervisors.

Upcoming Courses for Supervisors and Managers

A filtered list of upcoming courses for supervisors and managers.

Values-Based Leadership

Develop and grow your leadership skills.

Other Learning and Development Resources

  • Performance Excellence
    Performance Excellence provides tools to think strategically and align our work to our City's vision.
  • Toolkits
    Tools and services you may need for your daily work. Includes resources for Budget, Contracts & Purchasing, Customer Service, Marketing, Technology, and Travel & Cars.

Learning and Development for Your Staff

Though employees are responsible for their own development, supervisors have a dramatic impact. You approve requests, suggest opportunities, arrange for coverage, and track learning and development. You can also nurture a supportive environment for on-the-job learning.

Resources for Staff Learning and Development

  • Upcoming Courses
    Bookmark this page and check it often—new offerings are added regularly.
  • New Employee Onboarding
    Help new hires understand their role and expectations and make connections. Make a plan for their learning and development.
  • Leadership Development
    These leadership courses and programs are not restricted to supervisors and managers, but can develop leaders at all levels.
  • Individual Development Plans (IDPs)
    A workbook for employees to reflect, plan, and discuss their professional goals. Your staff might bring their plan to you and ask for feedback and guidance.

Training Policies and Procedures

APM 2-10 outlines the official policies, practices and administrative procedures that relate to training and development activities for employees of the City of Madison.

View APM 2-10: Policies and Procedures for Internal and External Training for more information.