Station 14 opened its doors in late-December 2018, filling a significant gap in emergency response to the city's far southeast side. In January 2022, Station 14 welcomed the city's ninth ambulance, further bolstering the department's emergency medical response capabilities in the territory.

Fire Station 14


  • Engine 14 – A 2018 Pierce Quantum Engine with a 1250 gallons-per-minute fire pump and 500 gallon water tank. Engine 14 also carries ground ladders, fire hose, and tools. The engine will also be MFD's first full-time Paramedic Engine. This Paramedic Engine will be staffed with a paramedic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Along with being staffed with a paramedic 24/7, additional EMS equipment will also be carried on board to be utilized by the crew.
  • Medic 14 – A 2022 Demers ambulance with a Ford E-450 chassis. M14 provides advanced life support primarily for the southeast side of Madison and may be called anywhere within or outside the city to assist with higher acuity incidents. It carries a full complement of advanced life support medicine and equipment, including a cardiac 12-lead monitor/defibrillator, oxygen, and advanced airway management tools. To aid in patient and paramedic safety and comfort, it operates with a Stryker power-loading cot and Liquid Spring suspension system.

Daily Staffing

  • 1 Lieutenant, station officer
  • 1 Apparatus Engineer (driver) operating the engine
  • 2 Firefighter/EMTs
  • 2 Firefighter/Paramedics

Sustainable Features

Fire Station 14 is a model of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability for the Fire Department and the City of Madison. The building provides views to elements of nature, living systems, and natural processes. It places regularly occupied areas of the building close to the perimeter of the building. Benefits include reduced stress (lowered blood pressure and heart rate) [Brown, Barton & Gladwell, 2013], more positive emotional functioning [Barton & Pretty, 2010], and improved concentration and recovery rates [Biederman & Vessel, 2006].

The exterior walls are designed for durability. Opaque walls include a full masonry backup wall, continuous air water and thermal barriers, air gap, and masonry or panelized rainscreen system. The apparatus bay contains a curtainwall application of translucent panels, providing additional insulation over standard curtainwall application (R4.5 COG) and a translucent source of natural light. Four fold doors are utilized in place of overhead doors to decrease the chance of an apparatus clipping the bottom of an overhead door when it is outside the view of the driver and the driver is responding to an emergency call. These doors are more expensive but are intended to reduce the chances of damage to the apparatus and the doors.

High performance HVAC, lighting systems, and other building systems were utilized in this facility. LED lighting was used throughout both the interior and exterior of the facility. Occupancy sensors for both lighting and HVAC are used to set back spaces when not in use. Several spaces also have automatic daylighting controls to eliminate the need for artificial lighting at certain times. A geothermal heating and cooling system is used to meet the full facility's cooling needs and a large portion of its heating needs. The geothermal system is connected to a low temperature radiant floor heating system that is supplemented by a high efficiency-condensing boiler. A 50-kW solar PV system and a small solar hot water system offset a portion of the facilities electric and gas use. These strategies combined save the Fire Department over $26,000 annually.

  • LEED BD+C: New Construction v2009, Platinum certified in 2019
  • 84% Waste diverted from landfill
  • 70% Energy cost savings
  • 41% Materials purchased locally

Community Room

Fire Stations 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, and 14 have community rooms available for meetings. The Community Room at Station 14 is available for public use and will also be utilized as a training classroom for the MFD. Please refer to our Policy for Use of Fire Station Meeting Rooms. To reserve a room, contact Erica Carlson at 608-261-9829.

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