Built in 1963, Station 5 is situated at 4418 Cottage Grove Road, where it serves the southeast side of Madison.

Station 5's territory has been adjusted to better serve the community on the southeast side with the addition of Station 13 and Station 14. Medic 5 still covers the City's southern and eastern borders, responding to incidents on the Interstate and the Beltline, in addition to serving the densely-populated neighborhoods in that area.

Station 5 houses Engine 5 and Medic 5.

Fire Station 5


  • Engine 5 – a 2017 Pierce Quantum Pumper manufactured in Appleton, WI with a Hale fire pump rated at 1250 gallons per minute. It has a 500-gallon booster tank and carries an additional 20 gallons of foam for Class A fires. It contains four pre-connected fire attack lines and a compliment of 5” and 2 ½” supply lines. In addition to firefighting and rescue tools, Engine 5 carries a full complement of EMS equipment. Engine 5 has a gross vehicle weight of 46,800 pounds and is powered by a 400 hp Cummins diesel engine which provides a top speed of 65 miles per hour.
  • Medic 5 – a 2020 Demers ambulance with a Ford E-450 chassis. M5 provides advanced life support for the east side Madison. It carries a full complement of advanced life support medicine and equipment including a cardiac 12-lead defibrillator, oxygen, and immobilization gear. To aide in patient and paramedic safety and comfort, it operates with a Stryker power-loading cot and liquid shock suspension system.

Daily Staffing

  • 1 Lieutenant, station officer
  • 1 Apparatus Engineer (driver) operating the engine
  • 2 Firefighters staffing the engine
  • 2 Paramedics staffing the ambulance

Station 5 logoMany stations develop a specific identity over time and carry that through with logos that members of the crew display with pride. All three shifts worked in cooperation to develop Station 5's logo which prominently showcases the original "5" that was displayed when the station was first established in 1925.

Known as "The Nickel," Station 5 prides itself on going "Above & Beyond" to serve its diverse territory, from providing fire and EMS service to residential and industrial neighborhoods to hosting community outreach events like Firefighter Fun Day.

Station Five News