Station 6 is located on Madison's south side and is staffed daily with four firefighters and two firefighter/paramedics who work 24-hour shifts.

Station 6 houses Ladder 6 and Medic 6.

It was built in 1986 and replaced the older firehouse located at Park Street and Fish Hatchery Road.

Fire Station 6


  • Ladder 6 – a 2022 Pierce Enforcer 107-foot aerial ladder which showcases our new graphic design. This truck has a single rear axle with a vehicle wheelbase of 243 inches. The truck has a midship 1500 gallons-per-minute fire pump. The gross vehicle weight rating is 56,300 lbs. A rear axle ratio will be furnished to allow the vehicle to reach an approximate top speed of 65 mph. The truck does contain the fully integrated Idle Reduction Technology (IRT) system as well as the HAAS Alert responder-to-vehicle collision avoidance system. Ladder 6 is fully equipped with state of the art firefighting equipment to sustain a high level of operations.
  • Medic 6 – a 2022 Demers ambulance with a Ford E-450 chassis. M6 provides advanced life support primarily for the south side of Madison and may be called anywhere within or outside the city to assist with higher acuity incidents. It carries a full complement of advanced life support medicine and equipment, including a cardiac 12-lead monitor/defibrillator, oxygen, and advanced airway management tools. To aid in patient and paramedic safety and comfort, it operates with a Stryker power-loading cot and Liquid Spring suspension system.
  • Ladder 49 – a 2009 Pierce Aerial featuring a 105-foot aerial ladder which serves as a reserve ladder for the City. It was formerly Ladder 6 and has a 1500 gallons-per-minute fire pump and a complement of ground ladders, fire hose, tools, and extrication equipment.

Station 6 Logo

Daily Staffing

  • 1 Lieutenant, station officer
  • 1 Apparatus Engineer (driver) operating the ladder truck
  • 2 Firefighter/EMTs staffing the ladder truck
  • 2 Firefighter/Paramedics staffing the ambulance

Community Room

Fire Stations 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, and 14 have community rooms available for meetings. Please refer to our Policy for Use of Fire Station Meeting Rooms. To reserve a room, contact Erica Carlson at 608-261-9829.

Station Six News