Station 12 on the city's far-west side began operations at 400 South Point Road in August 2009, filling a significant gap in emergency response.

The station's Community Room is named in memory of Dr. Darren Bean, the Department's former Medical Director. Dr. Bean died in a Med Flight crash in May 2008. A memorial plaque for Dr. Bean is showcased in the Community Room.

In 2018, the firefighters of Station 12 designed and developed a trail system that cuts into the City property south of the fire station. The trails are enjoyed by neighbors, especially dog walkers, and also doubles as a wildland live burn training site for the crews.

Fire Station 12


Station 12 was built to meet specifications for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. LEED is an internationally-recognized green building certification system providing third-party verification that a building or community was designed and built using strategies aimed at improving performance across all the metrics that matter most:

Solar Heating Panels

  • Energy savings
  • Water efficiency
  • CO2 emissions reduction
  • Improved indoor environmental quality
  • Stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts

Station 12 received LEED Platinum Certification, the first firehouse in the country to earn that distinction. The building received Fire Chief Magazine’s Silver place 2009 Station Style Design Award.

Storm Water Collection System

Station 12's "green" construction includes these noteworthy design elements:

  • A geo exchange system that is the sole source for heating and cooling the building
  • A green roof with vegetation in place of conventional roofing materials
  • Solar heating panels for the building's hot water needs
  • Xeriscaping that reduces the amount of high-maintenance turf in the landscaping
  • A storm water collection system for general non-potable water use


  • Engine 12 – a 2017 Pierce Quantum Pumper manufactured in Appleton, WI with a Hale fire pump rated at 1250 gallons per minute. It has a 500-gallon booster tank and carries an additional 20 gallons of foam for Class A fires. It contains four pre-connected fire attack lines and a compliment of 5” and 2 ½” supply lines. In addition to firefighting and rescue tools, E12 carries a full complement of EMS equipment. Engine 12 has a gross vehicle weight of 46,800 pounds and is powered by a 400 hp Cummins diesel engine which provides a top speed of 65 miles per hour.
  • HIT 12 – a 2003 Ford F-550 XL Super Duty with trailer. HIT (Hazardous Incident Team) 12 supports the MFD Hazmat team. It carries personnel along with equipment used for decontamination and spill control.
  • Brush 12 – a 2017 Ford F350 with a 150-gallon water tank to respond to brush fires.  
  • MCI Trailer – Station 12 is home to one of the Dane County Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Trailers. This trailer is a part of a collaborative effort among Dane County first responders to work together seamlessly across municipal borders whenever a large-scale medical incident occurs. These trailers contain a multitude of supplies and equipment to assist in the rapid triage, treatment, and transport of patients involved in a MCI incident.

Daily Staffing

  • 1 Lieutenant, station officer
  • 1 Apparatus Engineer (driver) operating the engine
  • 2 Firefighters staffing the engine

Community Room

Fire Stations 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, and 14 have community rooms available for meetings. Please refer to our Policy for Use of Fire Station Meeting Rooms. To reserve a room, contact contact Erica Carlson at 608-261-9829.

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