National Pollinator Week is June 19-25, 2023! Pollinator week was started 15 years ago to raise awareness of the rapid decline in the population of pollinators. Pollinator week celebrates the importance of pollinators and everything they do for our ecosystems. What exactly are pollinators? Pollinators are insects like bees, butterflies, ants, wasps, moths and so much more! To help support your pollinators, you can plant native plants. Native plants are easy to incorporate into your yard, and also provide support for pollinators. Milkweed is considered a pollinator powerhouse, because of the wide variety of pollinators it supports. Milkweed is also an easy plant to take care of and plant in your own yard! Plants to support your pollinators don’t have to be species that flower, they can also be native grasses. Native grasses can be both tall and short, making it easy to incorporate anywhere. Another great way to support your pollinators is by planting early blooming species. Early blooming species are great because when pollinators migrate up to Wisconsin or come out of hibernation, they need resources as early as April. 


Pollinator week is a great time to get out there and plant native plants to help support our pollinator friends! You can also help pollinators out by supporting local farmers, and educating others about the importance of pollinators with the following resources from City Engineering: 


Watch Pollinator Pointers: A fun digiseries showing different ways to support pollinators!

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