The City of Madison Engineering Division is proud to announce its work recognition as part of a large group of local organizations earning the title “2022 Climate Champions” in Dane County. 

2022 Climate Champion Celebration
Community leaders, and fellow 2022 Climate Champions, gathered for the Dane County recognition, Oct. 6, 2022.

“As we continue to see the effects of climate change both locally and throughout the country, we think it’s important that the City remains committed to our sustainability goals, and this value is shared among all City agencies working hard on this effort," City Engineer Jim Wolfe said.  "City Engineering is happy to be doing our part, and we’re grateful to Dane County for this recognition and honored to be leading energy improvement efforts in the City of Madison.”

On Oct. 6, 2022, the Dane County Executive Joe Parisi hosted an event that celebrated 87 Climate Champions in 77 organizations committed to projects that support climate change. The City of Madison, and more specifically the Engineering Division’s work on specific buildings in the community for the following reasons:

  • The City of Madison achieved 2022 Climate Champion (3 Star/Building Energy Use) status for Fire Station 13, which uses around 75% less energy than similar buildings through a combination of solar power, geothermal, and passive lighting systems that are both energy efficient and cost-effective.  

  • The City of Madison achieved 2022 Climate Champion (2 Star/Building Energy Use) status for Pinney Library, which uses over 50% less energy than a comparable building.  The LEED® Gold building has geothermal energy and LED lighting with daylight sensors.

  • The City of Madison achieved 2022 Climate Champion (1 Star/Building Energy Use) status for the Police Training Center, which uses about 25% less energy than a comparable building.

  • The City of Madison achieved 2022 Climate Champion (1 star/Building Energy Use) status for the Water Utility Building, which uses approximately 25% less energy than a comparable building.

parisi photo
Dane County Executive Joe Parisi announces different organizations in the community part of the collective effort toward Climate Change, Oct. 6, 2022.

The categories were: 

  1. Building Energy Use -for entities with very energy efficient buildings.

  2. Building Design -for still-under-construction facilities that are projected to be very energy efficient.

  3. Fleet Operations -for entities with a fleet powered by clean fuels.

  4. Employee Commuting -for entities where the workforce commutes via bike, walking, transit or telecommuting.

  5. Water Saving Practices -for entities that have implemented practices to reduce water usage.

  6. Waste Diversion Practices -for entities that have strong waste diversion practices.

  7. Sustainable Land Use Practices -for farms and land with strong sustainability practices.

  8. Catalysts -for entities that help others take climate actions.

  9. GHG Emissions -for entities that have reduced their carbon footprint.

  10. Other -for entities that have taken actions that don't fit into other categories.

Check out the full list of Climate Champions: 

The Climate Champions program recognizes local entities that are leading on climate action.

Learn more about different ways we integrate these practices like building envelope and upgrades, EV Charging, LEED Certification, LED Light Conversation Program, Solar Installation and so much more:

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