Engineering Division Program Assistant Felix Eggl’s everyday job assignments are about to change drastically for the next half year, he’s being deployed.

Eggl typically is the person in charge of onboarding new hires in the Engineering Division, and has been doing so since October 2018.

Felix Eggl

“When people start, I make sure they have everything they need. From logins to desks, to making sure interviews happen and even calling to offer positions,” Eggl said.
However, a year after he started at the City of Madison Engineering Division, he enlisted in September 2019 for the United States Air Force Air National Guard, something he said he has always wanted to do. Eggl is part of the 115th Security Forces Squadron within the 115th Fighter Wing.

“I love the things I’m able to do in the military,” Eggl said. “Drill one weekend a month, two weeks in the summer. You do the same training active duty does, then you go back to your home and back to your regular job. In times of need, the federal government will call you out as a strategic reserve. You stay in your home, you continue to work civilian jobs, but then in times of need you get called out.”

The last time Eggl was deployed was in late January 2021 for President Joe Biden’s Inauguration in Washington D.C. “We got a call we were going to be needed, short notice in three days,” Eggl said. “[Engineering Division Deputy Division Manager Kathy Cryan] She was aware I have to go and she made it very easy for me to go to that. I appreciate all my colleagues while I was there. We were a part of democratic transfer of power— it was awesome to be there.”

Calls like that can happen as quick as three days, to more long-term planning like Eggl’s next deployment, one that because of operational security, he can’t share where, when or for what, something he knows is a sacrifice.

“I love the military. I love serving, but it is a sacrifice, more for my wife, having to leave. It’s stressful if you have a workplace making it difficult for you. It’s really amazing to have a place like the City, where you get calls, you talk to your supervisor, hand off what you hand off, and they understand you’re doing this for the country, and they don’t make it difficult for you” Eggl said. “I feel very appreciated. It’s amazing not having to worry about that, or think about that, or what it’s going to look like when you get back.”

Eggl estimates he’ll be back mid-next year, and looks forward to continuing his work at the City, while still balancing service to his country.

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