Did you know the City of Madison Engineering Division designs and maintains the City’s bike paths? Bike paths are vital to connectivity in our community, and they are another reason why living in Madison is awesome, year round! In Engineering, we’re proud to work on bike path design projects every year. As we reflect on this year’s Madison Bike Week, we’d like to share about a few projects you can look forward to in the next few years!

Project Name: Autumn Ridge Path (2024)

What it is/why it’s important: It’s a new bridge over Highway 30, which is a barrier for pedestrians and bicyclists in this area.

Cost: ~$5-6M

Project Name: Starkweather Creek Ped/Bike Bridge at Hermina Street (2024)

What it is/why it’s important: A new creek crossing for the neighborhood to get to the library and E Washington Ave

Cost: ~$500,000

Project Name: Cannonball Path (2024)

What it is/why it’s important : We will fill in the last gap of the popular Cannonball path from Fish Hatchery Road to Wingra Drive.
Cost: ~$1M

Also, did you know, we have a number of Street Projects that include new protected bike facilities:

Project Name: W. Wilson & S. Broom (2024)

What it is/why it’s important: This project will have new, two-way, protected cycle tracks on the streets, along with extending the parking protected bike lane on S. Bassett St. to Wilson St. We’re also planning to build the extension of the two-way cycle track on Wilson St. to Blair St. in 2024.

Cost: ~$4M

Project Name: West Towne Path Ph. 3

What it is/why it’s important: This construction starts soon. It will include new path facilities on the west side connecting the existing end of the West Towne Path at Commerce Dr. to the existing path on Junction Rd.

Honorable mentions:

Davies/Dempsey (2023 & 2024) will have a new two-way side path along the streets, and we’re working on an improved crossing of Proudfit for the W. Main Street Bike Boulevard.

Learn more about projects with a bike element:
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