The primary goal of the City of Madison Department of Civil Rights training programs is to teach and raise awareness surrounding Civil Rights afforded to the public. The Specialized Trainings listed below last 3-4 hours, and there is a $50 per person fee for these specialized trainings. (There may be additional costs for larger groups and trainings outside of the City)

  • Bias/Implicit Training

  • LGBTQ+ Awareness

  • Workplace Equity

  • Identifying Ableism (A social justice model of Disability)

The City of Madison Department of Civil Rights offers four program options for Training, to get more information and details about the specific courses available, or that you can request please see below Training programs.

Training Programs

  1. Request a Training
  2. Available Trainings
  3. Certified Community Partner Training
  4. Dane County Job Center Trainings

Photography Disclaimer

Photography, audio, and video recording may take place at any City of Madison Department of Civil Rights training. By attending a training you consent to photography, audio recording, video recording and the publication to be used for our website, social media, and other promotional purposes. Photos and/or videos may be used to promote similar events/trainings in the future.