Equity in City Operations

  • Hired a Racial Equity Coordinator and Data Project Coordinator
  • Update Affirmative Action plans in all departments
  • Mandatory implicit bias training for all city employees
  • Racial Equity and Social Justice training program available to all City employees
  • City Clerk’s Office used an overarching equity and empowerment focus in its 2014-2015 operational plan
  • HR reviewing hiring processes, ban the box, evaluating minimum qualification requirements for positions

Equity in City Policies and Budgets

  • Develop concrete strategies through Interdepartmental City RESJI Team
  • Develop Equity Impact Analysis Tool to analyze unintended consequences of city policies and ensure that the interests of communities impacted by decisions are taken into account
  • Apply equity analysis to the funding process for Community Development grants and other city-funded programs
  • Study disparities to evaluate city purchasing and contracting
  • Increase community voice in the budget process through Neighborhood Resource Team recommendations and other strategies

Equity in the Community

  • Build relationships with community stakeholders and racial equity education organizations
  • Connect with the community through Neighborhood Resource Teams
  • Participate in local, regional and national networks to coordinate and build on best practices
  • Support community engagement initiatives such as My Brother’s Keeper, Madison Out of School Time, and Madison Public Library’s Tell Us program.
  • Apply RESJI tools in conjunction with community planning process for new fire station and business plan for Public Market.