Sometimes broken or damaged plumbing fixtures, irrigation equipment or pipes can cause unintentional water loss. If that happens, a customer may be eligible for a one-time Courtesy Leak Adjustment to his or her bill. If an adjustment is approved, all wasted water above normal consumption will be billed at the lowest rate possible. Customers may also be eligible to receive a one-time sewer adjustment. 

Madison Water Utility encourages you to stay on top of plumbing problems before they get out of hand by taking advantage of MWU's online conservation tool. View your weekly, daily, even hourly water use, and sign up for email alerts, so you'll be notified if your usage suddenly increases. 

Courtesy Leak Adjustment rules:

  • Customers must submit a Courtesy Leak Adjustment application.
  • Leak adjustments will cover no more than two (2) consecutive months.
  • Only one (1) billing adjustment will be allowed per premise.
  • Any adjustment will show up as a credit on the bill following approval.
  • The cause of the leak must be repaired before an adjustment can be approved.

No adjustments will be granted in the following situations:

  • High water use caused by seasonal activities such as watering of sod, gardening, filling swimming pools or whirlpools, washing vehicles, etc.
  • When leak continues for three (3) or more months, there will be no adjustment for the third or subsequent months.

 Click here to download the Courtesy Leak Adjustment application

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