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Note to Plumbers and Contractors Regarding COVID-19:  
There will be a temporary change in our application process due to COVID-19, effective immediately.
Please digitally send all application forms to and include a number to call for a credit card payment by phone, rather than submitting applications and checks in person or through the mail.
Applications received by email and with credit card payments will be processed daily; mail will only be processed once a week. We appreciate your cooperation.

Installing a new water service?
Water Service Application Form new 1/2020
Installing a new water meter?
Water Meter Application Form new 1/2020
Modifying an existing water main, hydrant or service?
Modify Mains/Services Application Form new 1/2021
To determine your meter fee:
Meter Application Fee Schedule new 3/2023

Water service application forms can be downloaded and printed or, under regular circumstances, obtained from the Water Utility Main Office at 119 E Olin Ave. A plumber signature is required on all water service applications. For new or replacement services, the property owner or authorized agent must also sign the application. If you have questions regarding water service applications, call (608) 266-4646.Please make sure all applications and fees are submitted before beginning work, allowing at least 10 business days for processing and 3 business days' notice for installation appointment.  Failure to do so may result in your customer being denied water service.When are plumbers required to submit an application for water service? When they need to:

  • Connect to an existing water service (requires the signature of a master plumber),
  • Install a new water service (requires the signature of a master plumber and the property owner), or
  • Replace a water service (requires the signature of a master plumber and the property owner).