Madison Water Utility Annual Report 

Section 13.01(3) of the Madison General Ordinances establishes the duty of the Madison Water Utility Board to “issue an annual report that shall be made available to the Common Council.”

2022 Annual Report:

This reporting period covers audited 2022 financial statements, 2022 water quality monitoring, and 2022 projects, events, operations, and utility accomplishments. 

2022 Annual Report 

History of Madison Water Utility

Founded as a public utility in 1882, Madison Water Utility is proud to bring safe, high-quality water to more than 250,000 people across the Madison area. Madison Water has always been a groundwater system, despite being surrounded by lakes; a deep, high-quality aquifer beneath the city is the source of our drinking water supply.

Madison Water Utility’s Mission

We are entrusted by the people of Madison to supply high quality water for consumption and fire protection at a reasonable cost, while conserving and protecting our ground water resource for present and future generation.

Madison Water Utility Board Governance

The Madison Water Utility Board (Board) is described by Wisconsin state statute and the City of Madison ordinance. The Board is charged with authority for managing and operating Madison Water Utility (Madison Water) under the general direction of the Common Council. The board is made up of seven voting members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Common Council. The Director of Madison and Dane County Public Health (or their designee) is an ex officio member.

The Board has adopted policies that define the benefits Madison Water provides to the residents of Madison, establish financial and ethical boundaries, and describe how the Board carries out its own tasks. Board meetings are public and generally held on the fourth Tuesday of every month.
Madison Water Utility Board
Patrick E. Delmore, PhD. - President
Debra R. Simon - Vice President
Robert J. Abrahamian - Secretary
Alder Amani Latimer Burris
Alder Charles Myadze
Ronesha Strozier – ex officio