Course Description

Does it feel like everyone is on edge lately? Where people are angry or lashing out? Do you need additional skills to better handle this? Then join us in learning about Trauma-Informed Customer Service, which is all about how we can provide customer service to people who have had bad things happen in their lives.

As humans, we tend to internalize our negative experiences and the stress that comes with those. An example is the communal trauma that we all have been experiencing with the pandemic. The stress can accumulate and make us feel anxious or angry, and make it easy to lash out at others. Come learn about how to reframe these situations and acquire some techniques to better handle challenging customers.


On Demand Option:

Now available as a 45 minute recorded video presentation so you can watch at your convenience or use as a refresher if you attended the live version. We encourage viewers to use the Questions handout to process the concepts presented, whether you watch on your own or with your work group. If you prefer a more interactive experience, please register for one of the upcoming sessions by clicking the button on the right.

Course Resources

Please read through the following materials before viewing the recording:
Handout: Trauma-Informed Customer Service Training
Handout: Trauma-Informed Customer Service Training Questions

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