Course Description

Supervisor Orientation is a training program that equips supervisors with the tools and information to excel in their roles. Participants will begin by exploring the City of Madison’s Mission, Vision, Values, and Service Promises. By becoming familiar with these primary elements, we can begin to align our actions and behaviors with the City’s leadership framework – Values-Based Leadership. Through the Strengths, Teamwork, Alignment, and Results (STARS) framework, supervisors will analyze their team’s situation so they can adapt to meet need and make impact. This training emphasizes situational mindfulness, enabling supervisors to nurture the employee experience, and connects them with valuable resources for ongoing support and development. 

Course Materials:

Recommended Resources & Gatherings:

  • Our new Supervisory Collective is a community for supervisors, by supervisors. It's a great space for new supervisors to make connections in a collaborative learning space.
  • Check out the new Supervisor Resources on EmployeeNet. This is a collection of information and tools that support you in your day-to-day management work.

Recommended for Supervisors who completed Supervisor Development Program more than 5 years ago (pre-2017), as a refresher and/or Supervisors of supervisors, to support you in onboarding, coaching and developing your staff.