Course Description

Module 1: “Let’s Talk About It” – Things that are NOT better left unsaid.
Everyday acts of exclusion are hidden in plain sight at work. They can make us and our colleagues feel invisible, unwelcome, and unvalued. This workshop opens up a conversation about subtle acts of exclusion and how they create barriers to genuine inclusion. Participants will learn about different types of bias, and how bias can show up as a subtle act of exclusion in the workplace. We will explore ways to counteract bias and the importance of cultural humility.

Module 1 Learning Objectives:

  1. Orient participants to the Multicultural Affairs Committee (MAC) and Women’s Initiatives Committee (WIC) Climate survey.
  2. Learn what subtle acts of exclusions are and how they relate to the City’s Prohibited Harassment and Discrimination Policy.
  3. Understand how subtle acts of exclusions impact the City of Madison’s employees and its workplace culture.