Course Description

Finally back by popular demand! This course is for those beginning their learning on racial equity and social justice, or seeking a foundational primer. This course is for those wondering "What is racial equity? What does it have to do with my job? What can I do about it?" To explore these questions we'll use slides, handouts, videos, art, comedy, local and national case studies, pair and group dialogue, and activities to build "equity muscles." 

The course has three sections:

  1. SELF: identifying one's own social identities and examining power, privilege, marginalization and their intersections. 
  2. SYSTEMS: exploring the different levels of racism: individual, institutional, and structural. 
  3. SOLIDARITY: finding our roles in building towards inclusion and belonging.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Be able to describe key concepts related to equity and structural racism,
  2. Practice talking about race constructively with others as it relates to oneself, one's work, and one's department/division,
  3. Identify tools and practices for counteracting bias in one's work and practices, and
  4. Identify opportunities to advance racial equity in their relationships, work, and life.