Course Description

Many people struggle in the area of de-escalating conflicts with difficult people who become loud, rude, and obnoxious. Are you confident handling stress and conflict in a way that will not escalate the situation? 

If basic de-escalation techniques can be applied to stressful situations, the better the outcome can be.  Once you can connect and identify with something that is creating stress and frustration in a person, you are on your way to de-escalating the situation.

In this training, you’ll learn the basics of verbal de-escalation to give you confidence when dealing with difficult people. This includes risk factors/red flags, de-escalation tips, physical warning signs of violent behavior, and scenarios. You’ll leave with strategies to make you a more confident and assertive communicator, especially when dealing with difficult people!

Learning objectives:

  • Recognize physical warning signs of escalating behavior

  • Listen actively

  • Remember to show empathy

  • Use positive body language

  • Exercise situational awareness

Course Resources:

Location for May 9, 2023:

This course will be held in-person at the Madison Municipal Building (MMB), room 215. (215 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd). Please note, this session will be recorded by our IT Media Team. 
When adding to your calendar, please be sure to note the location in your event. Please also plan ahead to arrive on time or early for minimal course disruption.