The City of Madison Engineering Division is committed to educating the public about different parts of its stormwater infrastructure.

The Engineering Division has a number of educational resources for you to connect and learn more about the stormwater utility section and what it does for you.


Greenways are everywhere in our community, and they have a larger purpose than just being lush, green and pretty with native plants. Learn all about greenways and how they play a large role in our stormwater infrastructure system.

How the Storm Sewer Works

The stormwater sewer has a lot of functions and completely separate from the sanitary sewer in our City. Learn how the storm sewer works and  how to properly use it.

Invasive Species

See examples of invasive species and learn why we work to remove them from our environment.

Native Plants

Native plants have an abundance of benefits to offer our environment. From examples and pictures of native plants to why City crews work to plant as many as possible, learn more on the "Native Plants" page.


We can all work together to provide an ecosystem welcoming to pollinators. Learn about different ways we can support pollinators and continue to be a top "Bee City" in the nation. Watch "Pollinator Pointers," our digi-series of quick videos showing ways to support pollinators.


Learn more about what the City does to preserve its ponds and what benefits that can have on you.

Sump Pumps

Basement drainage is a common topic for our community, so we put together a page that will answer as many questions as possible.  Learn about why sump pumps are integral to keeping your basement as dry as possible.

Water Quality

It's a complex topic, explained simply. Learn about how water quality impacts all of us within the city, along the lakes and beyond our watershed.


Read this year's edition of Madison Waterways, the Engineering Division stormwater newsletter that highlights the latest in stormwater news from the City of Madison. Sign up for the email list to bypass your paper copy and get it digitally!

Yard Care

The perfect green lawn can have its costs, but if you're willing to put in the elbow grease, yard care can be done sustainably. Here's a guide on how to tackle your yard.