The mission of the City of Madison Engineering Division is to provide a multi-faceted combination of Public Works services to the citizens and customers of Madison in a fair and consistent manner that allows for and encourages public input. The Engineering Division is responsible for the design and construction of city facilities, streets, highways, sidewalks, bike path construction, bridges maintained by the City of Madison, stormwater facilities and sanitary sewers. The Division is responsible for all aspects of the Storm Utility, Sewer Utility and the Landfill Fee.

The Engineering Division has seven main sections, which focus on different areas of infrastructure at the City. Below, find information about what sort of work each section does and a contact for questions.

  • Stormwater Utility

    The mission of the Stormwater Utility Section is to manage stormwater services (drainage and water quality) to the public, while maintaining an equitable rate structure.

  • Sanitary Sewer Utility

    The mission of the Sanitary Sewer Utility Section is provide safe, reliable, efficient and cost-effective collection of wastewater.

  • Streets and Paths Design

    The mission of the Streets and Paths Design Section designs all streets, bike paths and sidewalks in the City of Madison.

  • Construction Inspection

    The mission of the Construction Inspection Section focuses on projects being built in our City and potential contractors looking to work through the Board of Public Works process.

  • City Facilities

    The mission of the Facilities Section of the Engineering Division provides high quality design, project management, and building operation services to all agencies that are implementing a preventative maintenance, remodeling, or new construction project while utilizing a sustainable focus.

  • Land Information/Official Map

    The mission of the Land Information/Official Map Section is to maintain City of Madison Official Map land base and ownership parcel fabric for all things City GIS infrastructure assets to attach to. Mapping Land Information staff also provide professional/technical review, coordination and maintenance of City of Madison Official Map land and utility records required to plan, develop, construct and maintain Public and private development projects.

  • Operations

    The mission of the Operations Section is to eliminate preventable infrastructure issues while protecting the health and safety of citizens and the environment. The section also focuses on protecting citizens’ investment by maximizing the useful life, capacities of infrastructure.