Engineering Leadership
Jim Wolfe, P.E. City Engineer 608-266-4099
Kathleen Cryan Interim City Engineering Division Manager 608-266-4819
Greg Fries, P.E. Assistant City Engineer 608-267-1199
Hannah Mohelnitzky Public Information Officer, Division Communications 608-242-6003
Steve Danner-Rivers Financial Manager 608-261-9689
Bryan Cooper Facilities Management Section Manager, Principal Architect 608-261-5533
Janet Schmidt, P.E. Stormwater Section Manager, Principal Engineer  608-261-9688
Mark Moder, P.E. Sanitary Sewer Section Manager, Principal Engineer 608-261-9250
John Fahrney, P.E. Construction Inspection Section Manager, Principal Engineer 608-266-9091
Chris Petykowski, P.E.  Streets and Paths Design Section Manager, Principal Engineer 608-267-8678
Christy Bachmann, P.E. Streets and Paths Design Section, Principal Engineer 608-266-4095
Jeff Quamme Land Information Manager 608-266-4097

If your contact isn't found in the list, please email or call 608-266-4751.