While the sanitary sewer system is out of sight and out of mind for more people day to day, the Sanitary Sewer Utility operatives numerous programs to ensure the system stays in good working condition. These programs are all funded by your municipal sewer service fees.

Backwater Valve Program

The Backwater Valve Program allows applicable residents to have a sewer backwater valves installed at their residence at a reduced cost.

Big Green Vactor Program

Learn how the Big Green Vactors keep the sewer pipes clean and help prevent overflows or flooding from occurring in your neighborhood.

Capacity, Management, Operation, and Maintenance Program (CMOM)

This is a requirement of all sanitary sewage collection systems mandated by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to assure that the sewage system is properly managed, operated and maintained at all times; has adequate capacity to convey peak flows; and all reasonable steps are taken to eliminate excess infiltration and inflow from the system.

Closed Circuit Television Program

Learn how staff sends remote control video cameras through pipes to get an internal view and provide an accurate assessment of pipe condition.  Pipes in disrepair can be repaired or replaced.

Dead Animal Collection

Engineering operations crews assist with dead animal collection. Report a location in need of dead animal removal is a service provided by engineering.

Inflow and Infiltration Reduction Efforts

Learn how we help rebuild failing infrastructure, reduce sewer backups, and keep your sewer bills lower.

Lateral Restoration Financial Assistance Program

Learn how this program allows applicable residents to have their sanitary sewer lateral restored at a reduced cost with the City providing assistance on select streets that are arterials(high traffic streets) or streets with pavement determined to be in good condition.