Complete the City of Madison Sanitary Sewer Discharge Permit Application to request to temporarily discharge to the sanitary sewer. 

Generally water pumped from a construction site should not go to the sanitary sewer, unless there is potential soil or water contamination onsite, in which case a permit is required.  Discharging of clean stormwater or groundwater at a construction site is covered by your City erosion control permit. Water shall be filtered to remove sediment prior to entering the storm sewer.  Permit requests for routine discharge of lightly contaminated water to the storm sewer (such as elevator sump pits) are administered by the Department of Public Health.

For construction sites that have or may have contaminated soils or groundwater:

1.       Submit a request to the pretreatment coordinator at the Madison Metropolitan Sewage District (MMSD) to determine if your wastewater can be discharged to the sanitary sewer. Ethylene and Propylene glycol discharges are allowed. Provide the volume and concentration on the application.
2.       Submit a City of Madison Sanitary Sewer Discharge Permit Application along with a copy of the MMSD approval. 

3.       When discharge is complete, submit a copy of the final discharge log. Permits that span longer than 1 year much submit a log at the end of each calendar year. 

4.       City of Madison will send you an invoice based on the quantity discharged.  There is a $100 base fee for the permit as well as a volume fee based on our current sewer rates. There is no fee charged if no discharge is made.