Photo ID Exemptions

Photo ID is not required for the following absentee voters:

  • Military voters
  • Voters who are permanently overseas
  • Confidential voters
  • Indefinitely confined voters
  • Nursing home residents and other voters who have ballots delivered by Special Voting Deputies
  • Residents of Care Facilities who are not visited by Special Voting Deputies

Voters Confined to their Homes

Voters confined to their home because of age (70 or older) or disability can send the clerk a letter, asking to be on the permanent absentee list. The request needs to specify that the voter is indefinitely confined. It also needs to contain the voter’s name, address, and signature. In order to remain on the permanent absentee list, the voter needs to return their absentee ballot for every election.

Permanent absentee voters do not need to provide ID. The witness signing the absentee envelope certifies the voter’s identity.

Nursing Homes and Care Facilities

Absentee voters in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and community based residential facilities with five or more beds vote when two election officials bring absentee ballots to the facility before the election. These absentee voters do not need to show ID.