The Office of the Madison City Clerk welcomes nominations for outstanding Chief Inspectors at our polling places.

Please submit your nomination using the nomination form.

Past Honorees

February 2021 Spring Primary

Melanie Sax
Don Eggert
Sue Cotten
David Spies
Diego Saenz
Elizabeth Quirmbach
Tim Barton
Blaise Besant

August 2018 Fall Primary

Stephanie Lowden
Clete Marsh
David Spies
Doc Murray

August 2016 Fall Primary

Rudy Moore
Karen Jankowsky
Blaise Besant
Karen Tuerk
Sharon Redinger
Mike Cechvala

February 2016 Spring Primary

Roger Pierson
Sylvia Flores
Mark Rosas
Cheryll Gray
Natasha White

2014 Fall Primary

Mary Nellis
Tom Hilston
Greg Smith
Liz Seymour
Marian Matthews
Lois Keel
Clete marsh
T. R. Loon
Bonnie Pool
Terry Pool
Mary O’Dell
Ellen Karlson
Miriam Hull
Steve Holtzman
Carol Montgomery
Joyce Narveson

2014 Spring Election

Bonnie Chang

2013 Spring Primary

Dawn Block
Diane Doughman
David Primus
Ann Waidelich

2012 General and Presidential Election

Deb Beiler
Jean Espenshade
Math Heinzel

2012 Partisan Primary

Barbara McKinney
Karen Peters
Randy Black
Jackie Lencioni
Bonnie Poole
Terry Poole

2012 Recall Election

Gary Poulson
Anne Murphy-Lom
Leslie Grossberg
Jill Hellmer
Tom Hilston

2012 Recall Primary

Jeanette Williams
Michael Howe

2012 Spring Election

Greg Smith
David Cobb
Bonnie Chang
LaVerne Quam
Lucetta Kanetzke
Sharon Flinn
Baxter Exum

2012 February Primary

Marilyn Williams

2011 February Primary

Rosa Garner

2010 General Election

Larry D. Nelson